Welcome to the KnotSense blog! Here we’ll talk about all things sensory: tips, stories, ideas, encouragement, natural sensory supports, and more. Please join the conversation — we learn from each other whether you’re new to the sensory world, experienced, or somewhere in between.


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Conversations and ideas on sensory issues, natural and non-medical therapies, and parenting

Sensory issues often bring desperation – especially for answers to “What can I do?” and “How can I help my child?” and “Does anyone understand what we’re going through?” I’m a mom of 3, and 2 have sensory needs.

I’m also the owner of KnotSense, my business of handmade accessories and sensory helps. My children and their friends inspired me to take my love of decorative knotting and turn it into creations that help with sensory needs but don’t look like therapy tools.

I look forward to sharing ideas, information, and encouragement with you…and I hope you will share some with me and my readers too. Join the conversation by subscribing to this blog below. And share the love by checking out my shop at www.KnotSense.com and clicking on “Favorite Shop.”

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