We’re All a Little Broken

I start this blog in the midst of a very long and arduous time for our family. The circumstances have often felt like they are more than we can bear. Among the various difficulties that have piled up on top of us are physical pain and dysfunction; mental and emotional anguish; and multiple diagnoses. We have trudged through a swamp of unknowns, hunting for the new normal.

I imagine most – if not all – of us have felt similarly at some point, though the reasons for it may be very different.

My hope is that through this blog we can help mend some of the broken pieces of each other. I don’t have all the answers…but I have some that may help you. You may have the “glue” that helps another friend here mend one of his or her broken pieces. And even if we don’t have an answer, we can help each other hold our broken pieces together for a bit.

Take a look at the About page to see what I’ll be talking about here. Then please join us – click on the Follow button to subscribe to this blog, and add your comments to the conversations.


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